5 Benefits of Exercising with Furry Friends


December 4, 2017

Regular exercise is vital to good health, but it’s no surprise that most of us don’t work out as much as we want to. Exercising with animals can be a great way to get you moving! Here are 5 benefits to working out with animals:




We all come up with excuses to not exercise everyday. Its much harder to say no when you know you will have a furry friend by your side, moving along with you.


Get Outside

For people who live alone, finding a way to bring animals into your exercise routine can be the perfect way to feel less isolated. Even for those of us who don’t live alone, sometimes it just helps to be around an animal who is social and ready to move, but won’t complain about going outside.

An active lifestyle is a common treatment to keep blood pressure at a manageable level for people affected high blood pressure. Studies show that human-pet interactions are also effective at lowering blood pressure levels.


Better Mood


Its pretty hard to be depressed when you have baby goats falling over each other around you while attempting downward dog. For those who might feel intimidated by exercise, engaging with animals can you help you completely forget that you are actually exercising and immerse yourself in a fun, exciting experience.


Happier animals

Whether you’re on a run with your dog, riding a horse, or doing yoga while being surrounded by baby goats, the animals you spend your time with will love every moment. Many animals love being around people because they can get a healthy dose of exercise and mental stimulation, while receiving plenty of affection.

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