5 Exercise Hacks for When You're Stuck in an Airport


December 17, 2017

If you have ever been stuck in an airport before, chances are you have spent a good chuck of your layover or delay plotting what to do with all of your unwanted free time. You may have found yourself sitting by the airport gate, crossing and uncrossing your legs, draining the battery on your phone, and rolling your eyes at flight crew for not having the magic powers to get you to your final destination.

Instead of tapping your toes and impatiently waiting for your plane to take off, turn the airport into your own personal gym. Wondering how to do that without pissing off the TSA or other stressed out passengers? Use these 5 exercise hacks to get a good workout in when you find yourself stuck in an airport.

1.    Take a Hike

Put your legs to work and set a goal of walking one mile or 2,000 steps (for those tracking your steps on a FitBit or phone app). Walk circles around your terminal, taking in the sights of anxious passengers and the smells of the food court, where you may be tempted to stop for an overpriced Big Mac or slice of pizza.

2.    Put Your Chair to Use

Find an area in your terminal that’s not swarmed with people waiting to board their flight, and use any chair or bench you can find for a quick arm workout. For tricep dips, face away from the chair and place your palms on the edge as you slowly flex and unflex your elbows. For elevated pushups, face the chair and place your palms on the edge as you slowly lit and lower your body.

3.    Do Carry-On Squats

You know that one allotted carry-on bag you’re allowed to bring with you on the plane? It’s the perfect weighted item to use, if you’re looking to break a sweat, for either deadlift squats or shoulder press squats.

4.    Engage Your Core With the Chair

A quick and easy move to pull off, when you’re sitting and waiting for your plane to arrive at the gate, are seated abs. Slide your butt to the edge of the chair and place your arms on the edge of the arm rest, lift and lower your legs to work your lower abs.

5.    Find Savasana

If you’ve found yourself getting a little too antsy at the airport, find a quiet corner and flow through your favorite yoga poses. If you’re not worried about germs, or just desperate for your body to fight off some pre-flying nerves, find Savasana while airport onlookers eyeball with confusion, but also with jealousy.