5 Tips for Making More Money as a Group Fitness Instructor


January 9, 2018

As a fitness instructor, getting face time with new potential clients is something that’s always on your radar. Whether it’s getting your gym to give you more classes to teach or figuring out a way to bring your expertise online, getting more clients means getting more cash. So if one of your 2018 goals is to double your salary as a fitness instructor (or even triple it) you’ll want to make a couple of big changes to establish yourself as a powerhouse instructor online and IRL.

We’re here to help! Check out these five tips to help you make more money as a fitness instructor. 

1. Create a Personal Brand

Build a brand around yourself, your fitness experience, and the unique value you can provide to people who want to work with you. One of the first things to do is build yourself a home base, also known as a website. That’s where you can go to showcase your experience as a trainer and to highlight future workout classes and events that you’re hosting.

2. Up Your Social Media Game

If you’ve only been using your personal social media profiles to post selfies and filtered pictures of of the delicious meals you’ve been eating, it’s time to give your accounts a big makeover. Get comfortable using targeted hashtags and tagging your location in every picture you post and create content that your audience will crave more of.

3. Sell an eBook

If you specialize in a training your clients a certain way, invented a workout or have a workout plan you swear by, consider packing that into an eBook. There are people all over the world who might not have access to one of your classes but can benefit from your knowledge by buying your specialized and personal eBook.

4. Teach Outside Your Comfort Zone

If you’ve spent most of your instructing career working at one gym, you might want to diversify your location. Check out what FEVERFIT has to offer and spread out all over the city, teaching classes in unique locations to many new faces.

5. Find New Partnerships

Fitness influencers seem to be popping up all over social media, so if you’re going to enter that world, do it with a strategy. Partner with brands you use and love and make sure you bring value to your audience when you promote their products.