Haters gon’ Hate

Some people are complacent about what they have or where they are, and that's fine, but some of us aren’t, some of us are big dreamers. We want so much more out of life, yet we’re afraid to take the next step. We’re afraid that our dreams are simply, dreams. That we might fail, that there’s no way we can accomplish what we set out to do. I used to be that way. I was afraid of people laughing at my goals and deeming them impossible. Every time I told someone my goals, they laughed. I would get discouraged, and think to myself “What if they’re right?”. After so many conversations, it finally clicked. I’ve never cared what people thought about me so why should I care what they think about my goals?

I started using people’s doubt for motivation. I took it as an initiative achieve my goals, or at the least to give it all I had. When I graduated in the lower 10% of my HS class and told people I wanted to attend UT (#1 public University in the US according to a recent report), they would laugh; but I got into UT. When I told people I wanted to make at least 90k coming out of undergrad, they would laugh; but I got six figure offers. I’ve learned that people will always doubt you until you make something happen. So just make it happen.

Six months poured into an app that failed

My freshman and sophomore year of college I spent a lot of time going to entrepreneurial talks. During each talk, successful entrepreneurs would come and discuss their roads to success. Something that has always stuck with me was that every single entrepreneur would say some variation of the same exact thing: “just start working on it”. I remember sitting in a talk and thinking to myself, “Why am I here? I should be working on my idea”.

I immediately went home and started coding an app I’d been contemplating building. It took me roughly six months to build that app (Fiesta — A party locating app), but despite my hard work, it failed miserably. I didn’t know anything about startups or how to market my app. However, I learned A LOT in that year. I taught myself more than I would have learned from two years attending class in college. Everyday I’ve pushed myself to learn more than what I knew yesterday. Since the day I failed, I’ve promised myself to always keep these 5 things in mind:

  • I will risk everything now, and won’t look back
  • I will not let failure keep me from trying again
  • I will meet new people and tell every single one of them my dreams/goals
  • I will not let others opinions hinder my personal or professional growth
  • I will WORK MY ASS OFF to reach my goals and NOT give up

Just Do It


We obsess over the success of others, as if success is a unicorn, as if we can’t be successful ourselves. The only thing holding us back from being like the people we admire is that they actually went out and did what we’re afraid to do. Quit thinking that just because it may sound crazy, it’s unreachable. I truly believe that everything and anything is possible with enough hard work and dedication. We can do whatever we set our mind to. Want to open a food truck? JUST DO IT. You want to be a rapper? JUST DO IT. Find your self, and be that person, not the person other people expect or want you to be.

I might fail, and it’s okay.

Most people only hear about the success of others but never hear about how many times they have failed beforehand. How many times did Thomas Edison fail until he perfected the filament? What I’m saying is we shouldn’t be afraid to take the risk and face the fact that we might fail. Once we realize and accept the fact that we might fail, we can work to accomplish our goal without being afraid. If you fail, so what? At least you won’t wonder the rest of your life “what if?”. I’ve learned to take every failure as a learning opportunity and to learn from my mistakes so that they are not repeated in future endeavors.

Goal Updates

Since my last blog post, I’ve lost six pounds. I had six workouts throughout the week. Two of my workouts consisted of HiiT, two Tabata workouts, one weight lifting session, and one Yoga session. As for my nutrition, I’ve been eating a lot of fish & chicken with veggies. I’m feeling confident that I will reach my end goal.

Mark Ruvalcaba