Top 5 Traits of the Most Successful Group Fitness Instructors


January 17, 2018

Any fitness instructor, who has been in the industry long enough, will tell you that the key to keeping clients happy is variety, personality, and the great big challenge of making workouts feel fun, even when your muscle groups would beg to differ. Even the best and most popular group fitness instructors struggle with keeping their audience engaged, class after class, especially if they’ve been teaching the same class for quite some time.

Wondering how the most successful group fitness instructors keep their energy high and their classes fresh? Check out the five traits of the most successful group fitness instructors.

1. They Infuse Love in Their Methods

When you love what you do, it shows. Being a fitness instructor can be exhausting and it can even seem repetitive. That’s why it’s important to take a few steps back, every so often, and remember why you adore what you do and how you infuse that into your class setting.

2. They Listen to Their Clients Needs

Group fitness classes often attract people of all different levels and workout experience. Catering to the different types of clients that show up will make you the kind of instructor that doesn’t intimidate and instead shows flexibility to those who may need extra help scaling moves or getting answer to questions.

3. They Push Their Clients in Different Ways

The longer you instruct the more you’ll begin to notice that some people like to be motivated by having their instructor scream in their face, while others like to be pushed by an instructor who uses inspirational phrases and quotes. Get to know your clients, what they prefer, and how they need to be motivated, so that they feel respected throughout their workout.

4. They Pay Attention to Pacing

When deciding what to do with the hour or forty-five-minute class you are about to teach, be sure to keep the workout doable and not over exhausting for those taking the class. Plan the class and then take it yourself to see if the pace is enough to push clients, but also allow them to rest throughout.

5. They Have the Right Jams

Music is everything when it comes to a good workout. Build motivating playlists that will keep people jamming throughout the workout and excited to take your class again so that they can listen to the latest and greatest songs out there.