Frequently Asked Questions

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How does feverfit work?

  1. Find a class by our top rated instructors 
  2. Book the class 
  3. Get an amazing workout in 

We pride ourselves in provided the best experience possible, if at any point you have question before or after your class we allow you to directly communicate with the instructor! 

Do I need a membership to use feverfit?

Absolutely NOT! We don’t believe in memberships. We think memberships are underutilized and end up being a waste of money. Who likes wasting hard earned cash?

Who are the instructors on feverfit?

These aren’t random guys/gals slamming weights in grandma's basement. Our highly qualified instructors are personally vetted by the feverfit team. No matter what instructor you work out with, rest assured, you will have a great experience and a great workout. 

Your classes are so cheap, they must be lower quality?

No actually it’s the same instructors you go to at some of the highest rated gyms and studios, so you get the same high quality workout. However, most of our instructors hold classes outside of the standard gym or studio, so it saves you money and allows them to make more!

I’m an instructor and want to work with you guys, how do I do it?

Send Raj an email at raj@feverfit.io! He will help you learn more! He will email you back within 1 hour or we will give you 50 bucks... seriously. 

Something is wrong with the website how can I get help?

Send Mark an email at mark@feverfit.io! He promises to respond within 1 hour or your next class is FREE.